Visitor Management System

  1. A unique QR code (called OneID) created for each user which acts as her/his identity and a gate pass to every premises she/he wish to enter.
  2. A similar OneID is created for each asset and premises (building, complex, office, home, vehicle)
  3. It’s a 3 dimension system to allow entry to visitor.
    1. Visitors can scan QR code of Premises (Building/ Office or Complete which he wish to enter)
    2. Reception can manually capture visitor’s information on phone.
    3. Reception can scan OneID of visitors
  4. Check-in/ check- out time is maintained for all visitors.
  5. OneID can be Aadhar verified for better data control.
  6. Allow hassle free and Touch Free entry
  7. Keeps historical record of all visitors.
  8. No gadget require. Visitor simply scan QR Code/ OneID of premises pasted on reception/entry gate using phone.
  9. Reception/security get to see name, photograph and propose meeting in the premises.
  10. Multiple gate can be managed – visitor can enter and exit from different gates.
  11. Capture Vehicle information and other assets carried by visitor
  12. Gate Pass functionality allowing visitor to carry anything out of premises.
  13. Inform reception of barred/ banned visitor from entering
  14. Host is informed of arrival of her visitor