Pay & Park

Challenges In Pay & Park System

  1. Manual calculation of charges leads to disputes etc.
  2. A vehicle is a guest car of member car is human dependent as of now.
  3. A member can bring in more number of vehicle than the allotted parking slots.
  4. If number of tags are not provided for each vehicle, it leads to more confusion.
  5. Day end calculation is manual and often leads to delay and waste of time
  6. No proper reconciliation and audit trail.

Solution In Pay & Park System

  1. Members parking at designated slots
  2. A member can be provided with as many parking tags it requires as Validchk is the only application which manages vehicles on parking slot basis and not on car number basis.
  3. ValidChk makes it possible for its customer to issue monthly pass and thereby keeping track of expired pass etc.
  4. ValidChk allows vehicles to enter based on ValidChk tags as well as manual entry.
  5. ValidChk provides option to set your own parking charge list.
  6. Charges for pay and park vehicle is calculated automatically by the application on check out by vehicle.
  7. If need be payment gateway can be incorporated as a change request.
  8. A daily report of sale and collection of pass and parking charge is made available to administrator.

Benefit Of Pay & Park System

  1. Daily Cash Collection Report
  2. Track of sale of Monthly Passes
  3. Historical record of vehicle parked along with phone number etc.
  4. Facility of payment gateway is customizable.
  5. Audit trail is maintained