ValidChk Referral Reward Scheme

Refer the ValidChk application to your friends, family and colleagues and earn reward points upon download and profile creation.

The scheme:

Once the person (A) referred by you downloads and creates her profile in the ValidChk application you get a credit of 20 reward points. Once she (A) refers further to another person (B) and the person (B) also downloads and creates his profile, A gets 20 reward points and you get 10 reward points. For the next successful reference in the link the third person gets 20 reward points, the second gets 10 and you get 5 points. Each reference chain ends after third level successful download and profile creation.

There will be different schemes and each scheme will remain valid for a duration of one month from the date of its announcement on each occasion.

Each person in the network will be informed of the Rewards Points credited in her/his account.

  1. A refers the App to B and B creates her profile; A gets 20 reward points
  2. B refers the App to C and C creates his profile; B gets 20 reward points and A gets 10 Reward points
  3. C refers the App to D and D creates his profile; C gets 20 Reward points; B gets 10 Reward points and A gets 5 reward points.
  1. In the illustration above, A gets 35; B gets 30 and C gets 20 reward points. The total points given away by ValidChk equals 85, assuming there is just one A, one B and one C.
  2. When D refers to E and E creates her profile; D gets 20, C gets 10 and B gets 5 reward points.
  3. The reward points chain stops after the third level successfully downloads.
  4. The Scheme is subject to change or can be discontinued without any notice.
  5. There is no limit to the number of references you wish to make. Each reference will trigger a new chain of reward points.
  6. The scheme is valid only in India.
  7. In case of a dispute the ValidChk Management decision will be final and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai, India.